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In conjunction with the release of my debut solo album, High Road Haven, I thought it was about time that I had a music-specific website. So here it is! You will find details on my entire musical career, current gigs and you can listen to examples of my work from the Audio link.

I would be so happy if you felt moved to leave any comments in the windows at the bottom of news clips. And if you wish to be informed of any upcoming gigs, fill out the form on the contact page.

Thank you to my dear friend Peter J Slack for helping me with some technical aspects and hosting of this site. Love ya, Peej!

Thanks for dropping by!



Bed tracks are down for 6 new Jennis songs!

Just a quick note to update that Jennis now has cello, didgeridoo, banjitar, resonator guitar and electric guitar parts recorded for 6 songs toward the new album. We’ll be heading…

Jennis set to play 3 shows at the Kitchener Bluesfest!

 We are super excited about this weekend — we have 3 shows at the Kitchener Bluesfest! Other than Rik Emmet‘s festival kick-off concert on Thursday night, everything else is FREE! So…

Jennis 2nd album recording has begun!

Dennis and I have recorded bed tracks for 6 of the planned 12 songs for our second album. We’re having fun and it’s going great (except for all the driving…

Canada Council supports my second solo album creation!

Much gratitude to the jurors at the Canada Council for the Arts for agreeing to support me with an Explore and Create grant. My intention is to retreat to a…

Sound Designing “Love and Information” for Canadian Stage

I shall soon dive into creating the sound design for a play called “Love and Information”, directed by Tanja Jacobs and Alistair Newton for Canadian Stage. I spent many years…

Composing Retreat Confirmed for winter 2019

It’s official! I’ve just signed the contract to secure one of the composer studios at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. I’ll be there from January to the end of…

Playing The Ontario Regional Contact Dance Jam Again!

I am honoured, grateful and even a bit sheepish to announce that I have been invited yet again to be the musician to play the Saturday night event at this…

Solo album creation retreat

I am off to Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island today to look at one of the composer’s studios. This is a step toward a retreat next winter to compose and…

Jennis wants to tour Eastern Canada

My duo Jennis has done two Western-Canada tours in 2016 and 2017. We want to head east next summer. We are particularly interested in Newfoundland because neither of us has…

Solar Rhythms: Tropic of Sagittarius

Saturday, December 16, 2017 A creative community gathering to acknowledge and celebrate the turning of the seasons. Connecting our urban feet mindfully to the natural forces that influence us at…

Jennis 2nd Album Crowdfunding Campaign

Be a patron of the arts! Jennis is ready to record our second album and we need your help to meet the budget required to bring in top-notch pros to…

Solar Rhythms: Tropic of Gemini

An ecstatic dance event that celebrates each quarter season with DJ Michael P and me. I’ll be playing cello, didge, flute, and who knows what else, solo and with Michael….

Jennis Tour Fully Booked

The 2nd Western-Canada Tour for Jennis is all sewn up! Sat, Jul 29 The Foundry, Thunder Bay, ON Wed, Aug 2 House Concert, Calgary, AB Thu, Aug 3 The Hive,…

Playing for the Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam … AGAIN!

It’s official. I’ll be the musician for the Saturday night dance at this largest contact jam in North America on April 15th! This is one of my favourite creative opportunities…

Booking 2nd Western-Canada for Jennis

Jennis is heading west again this summer. We had so much fun and made many great contacts last year and we are excited to return to some of the same…


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